What I learned today in Python

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in Technology


Python has a "batteries included" philosophy that means a lot of useful things are included in their standard library. By no means have I plumbed the depth of what's included. I still run across things that are extremely useful and fit exactly what I need.

Today I encountered the …

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Project Euler Progress

Posted on Tue 06 March 2018 in Technology

I have reached level 2 on Project Euler! This is a big achievement for me.

ShakiestNerd Level 2

What is Project Euler

Project Euler is a very challenging math/programming problem website. It has been a very long time since I took any math classes, so these problems are definitely challenging for me …

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2017 Reading Highlights

Posted on Mon 12 February 2018 in Reading

2017 was a another good reading year. I discovered several new authors and book series that kept me entertained as I completed 64 books during the year. It seemed to be a year of reading book series as you will see in some of the selections below. A part of …

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Changing the canofworms web site.

Posted on Fri 22 December 2017 in Technology

Moving to Pelican

I am moving my site from Wordpress to Pelican. It is not that there is anything wrong with Wordpress. It is a major tool in the web world. But, it is really overkill for my little blog. Pelican, on the other hand, is a static site generator …

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Pelican Brief

Posted on Wed 16 August 2017 in Technology

No, this is not about John Grisham's third novel or a 1993 movie starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. Instead, I'm referring to a static web site generator application named "Pelican".


So, what is a static site generator? The concept is kind of a throw-back to the earlier days …

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Posted on Wed 16 August 2017 in Technology

Python Requirements.txt File

This is easily found elsewhere on the web, but I did it wrong the first time. So, note to self!

The command to create a requirements.txt file is:

$ pip freeze > requirements.txt

The catch is... first, navigate to the folder where you want the file …

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Python Libraries to check out

Posted on Mon 26 June 2017 in Technology

Note to self: check out these python libraries. They sound interesting.

  • tinyDB - small MongoDB-esque database
  • Ultrajson - speedy json parser
  • Bokeh - graphing visualizations library

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More Than Grasshoppers

Posted on Mon 01 May 2017 in Faith

Small Group Topic #1

More Than Grasshoppers

This topic is based on the book, “More Than Grasshoppers: Reclaiming Your God-Given Identity.” by Lee Ann Alexander and Joel Alexander.

If ever there was a time in history when God directly revealed his power, it was when he brought the children of …

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A few good books

Posted on Wed 13 July 2016 in Reading

A Few Good Books

I am a decent reader with one or two books going all the time. I have a wish list of about 400 books that I keep an eye out for when checking the library web site, gutenburg.org, etc. Most of them are classics or represent …

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Living the Legacy

Posted on Mon 04 July 2016 in Family

  • Family

Living the Legacy

On the way to our recent family reunion, I was thinking about genealogy and those that had passed on. They were not famous or wealthy, there was never a great inheritance handed down. They were simply decent, loving, hard-working people. Somewhere along the line, they left …

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