Roberta's Coconut Cake

My grandmother was famous for her coconut cake.  Here is my mom's take of grandma's cake.  I haven't had the opportunity to sample this coconut cake. But, mom says it's great. Can't argue with mom. But, I can whine because she hasn't made me one!Ingredients
1 Box of your favorite yellow cake mix
1 - 16 oz container fat free sour cream
1 ½ - 2 cups sugar
1-2 Pkgs frozen coconut - thawed
Bake cake in 2-3 round pans at 325 degrees
While cake is baking, mix sour cream and sugar together and let set.
When cake is done, turn out first layer on plate,
punch holes all over the top and sides
Spoon sour cream/sugar mixture onto hot cake
Top with coconut
Repeat for each additional layer.

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