Green Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats

As long as I can remember, these were a tradition at home for Christmas. Similar to Rice Krispie treats except you use corn flakes and shape them into rings. They can then be decorated with red hots or sprinkles.Ingredients:
1 Stick Margarine
2 t. Vanilla
45 Large Marshmallows (16 oz. Bag)
1/2 bottle green food coloring (otherwise they are pale)
8-9 cups corn flakes (about 12 oz)
Red hots or similar decoration

Melt 42-45 large marshmallows in heavy pot with 1 stick margarine.
Remove from heat
Stir in abt 2 t. vanilla and green food coloring (I think I use about half a bottle)
Stir in 8-9 cups of corn flakes
Turn out on buttered Reynolds Wrap and with buttery hands - shape into Christmas wreaths - decorate and enjoy.


  1. Canofworms says:


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  2. quick loan says:

    Aww heavenly. My kids just love marshmellows and they would eat them all day if I would let them, so this treat would be perfect to make with them, they would just love it.

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