Configuring UltraEdit for Working with Markdown

This article is about how I configured UltraEdit to work with editing of Markdown text files. Many other editors could be configured to work similarly, but the details of setting it up would differ. Behind the scenes, this setup is also using the python programming language. So, the prerequisites for this particular setup are: Use UltraEdit, Markdown, and python.

There are some decent text editors out there that are specifically designed to work with Markdown. I have tried MarkdownPad and StackEdit which runs in your browser. My thinking has been, I already have a good editor so is there are way to integrate markdown into Ultraedit?



Life Tools

There are certain resources that are essential to managing the business of your personal life.  When I started working, personal computers did not exist.  So, the minimum things I needed to mind my own business "back in the day" went something like this.

  • A checking account (and the knowledge of how to keep it balanced)
  • Some notebooks.  Spiral bound and loose leaf binders.  These were for:
    • Keeping track of important notes, ideas.
    • To do lists
    • Loose leaf binder for address book to track contact information.
  • An accordion file to keep track of insurance papers, tax returns, receipts, etc.
  • A calendar to note appointments.

How technology has changed things.  What would be the basic starter kit for someone beginning to manage their personal life now?  You need applications that will work across platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, ...) so that the information will be easily accessible from a variety of devices.  The applications need to have a version that is free.  With that in mind, here is my life management starter kit recommendation for an interconnected world.

  • Still need a bank or credit union, one that allows online access and the ability to pay bills online.
  • Mint - track where your money is going, create a budget.
  • Gmail - There are a lot of good online email applications out there.  For this, I recommend gmail .  It is one of the best online email applications, and once you have a google account, many other essential google tools become available under the same account.
  • Google Drive - allows creating documents and spreadsheet as a start.  Can also be used to share files and documents with others.  Also, print or scan important documents to .PDF files and upload them to drive.  This is your accordion folder.
  • Google Calendar - Track appointments, school schedule, meetings, etc.
  • Evernote -  manage notes that are synched across all my devices.  Not only is it easy to write notes, they are easily organized and searched.
  • Wunderlist - A brain dead simple to do list applications that has just enough features to make it perfect.
  • Lastpass - with all of these accounts, you need a good way to create complex passwords and keep them organized and secure.

The ones listed here, I have proven by using them on a daily basis.  They have worked out very well for me and I continue to use them.

While these applications are simple to use, they do have a lot of power and depth.  So, take the time to learn the application, hunt down tips and tricks for getting the most out of them.  It is much better to have a handful of applications that you know well than to load up with a ton of similar apps.



Gnome Weather Widget Woe

On Ubuntu 11.10, running the Gnome shell, there is a weather widget that can be place on the bar across the top of the screen. The default location was Innsbruck and I wanted to change it for my location. The tool uses a WOEID (where on earth ID) instead of zip code for pulling the weather information. Found some instructions on how to change it. Basically, go to http://weather.yahoo.com, look up your city. The numbers you need will be in the URL of the resulting weather page. Sounds easy enough.

The only problem was that no matter what I put in, it would not save the changes. The preference box only has a button for closing the box. There is no apply button, no save button, etc.  I thought, well it is new, maybe it's a bug.  I thought, maybe I am not getting a valid WOEID string.
Finally found the answer, you have to hit ENTER after you put in your new WOEID code. I had been hitting TAB or clicking on other fields before closing the window.
It was one of those pound your head on the keyboard moments since the answer was easy but not apparent to this end user.  It is easy now that I know the answer, in my opinion, that is bad user interface design.


In the Ubuntu Unity interface, I just install the Weather Indicator item from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Once installed, ran it and it was easily configured.  Nice!


Resizing Wallpaper for Netbook Screens

My netbook computer has an odd size for the screen resolution. The screen is at 1024 x 600 pixels. As a result, if you a looking for some cool wallpapers to use for the background, it is hard to find something that is the right size. In this article we will discuss a couple of techniques for resizing wallpaper to fit nicely on the netbook screen. Read more...


Ubuntu 9.10 Installation Experience

I have been moving to Ubuntu for a while. First tried it out by installing it in Windows XP using Wubi. Next, when version, 9.04 came out, I installed it to dual boot with Windows. So, this was the final step in my migration to Ubuntu Linux Read more...