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2017 Reading Highlights

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Wed 13 July 2016. Tags: reading,

2017 was a another good reading year. I discovered several new authors and book series that kept me entertained as I completed 64 books during the year. It seemed to be a year of reading book series as you will see in some of the selections below. A part of …

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Road Rd

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Thu 23 June 2016. Tags: reading, language,

I got a big kick out of a couple of roads in downtown Lake Jackson, TX. They are named 'This Way' and 'That Way'. Guess there is someone in Lake Jackson with a sick sense of humor. I can hear them giving directions now, "Well, go straight and make a …

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Reading 2015 Summary

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Sun 17 January 2016. Tags: reading,

I completed 2015 by reading 64 books. There were some enjoyable highlights.

Science Fiction "Forge of God" and "Anvil of Stars" by Greg Bear are in the classic science fiction mold. In addition, Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: Space Odyssey and Rendezvous with Rama were fascinating. First time reads for all …

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First Church Reading List

Written by shakiestnerd in Faith on Sat 18 October 2014. Tags: faith, reading,

Reading is a good habit. With that good habit, we can also develop a bad habit of reading book after book in one or two genres that we are particularly fond of. In trying to combat that trap, it's good to look for additional sources of reading inspiration. My wife …

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Rules for Reading

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Thu 26 June 2014. Tags: reading,


Reading is a habit that needs to be cherished and cultivated. During my teen years, I always had my face in a book. Unfortunately, I reached a point around there year 2000 where I couldn't remember the last time I had read a book from cover to cover. That was …

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It All

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Sat 14 January 2012. Tags: reading,

Where did it all begin?

Some are amazed by the wonder of it all.

Some have it all.

Some end up throwing it all away.

Some have seen it all.

Some want it all.

Some want to get away from it all.

Some ask, “what is it all about”?

Try …

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Triple Homonyms

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Wed 02 February 2011. Tags: language, reading,

Triple Homonyms

There are a lot of homonyms running around out there in the wild.  I’ve collected this list of triple homonyms over a period of time.  They are words that are spelled differently, have different meanings, but sound the same.  I’ve also avoided using proper names in …

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On Being a Reader

Written by shakiestnerd in Reading on Sat 20 November 2010. Tags: reading,

During my childhood and teen years I was a voracious reader. But, as I entered my adult years with all the responsibilities of life, I gradually read less and less. It got to the point, I could no longer remember the last book I had read. I resolved to change …

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